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Master of Science in Teaching Mathematics

The Mathematics and Philosophy Department at Western Illinois University has received approval for their new Master’s program from the Illinois Board of Higher Education effective Fall 2021. The program description detailed below will appear in 2022-2023 Graduate Studies Catalog.  A Statistics Zoom session

This Masters of Science in Teaching Mathematics ( MSTM ) degree is designed for current teachers of secondary mathematics and the courses will all be offered in an online format. 

This innovative program will give teachers an opportunity to earn a Masters degree in Mathematics and provide opportunities for these teachers to teach dual credit and college-level courses.  Some of the courses for this program have already been offered online and were successfully completed by area teachers.  New students interested in this program can begin taking classes as early as Spring 2022.

The Department of Mathematics and Philosophy is excited to provide this accessible Master’s program and believes it will be a valuable benefit to the region’s secondary teachers and their students.  Any questions about the MSTM program can be directed to Dr. Bob Mann at .

MSTM Program Overview

This 33 hour program (up to 9 hours can be transferred from other schools) can be completed entirely online. 

Prerequisite:   Abstract Algebra or Real Analysis (Math 421 or 435 at WIU) or equivalent.

Course requirements:

 1. 12 s.h. of core courses:  (all will be offered online)

Math 552 (Scientific Computing) 
Stat  553 (Applied Statistical Methods) 
Math 554 (Symmetry, Algebra, Geometry, Topology) 
Math 656 (Advanced Perspective of Secondary School Mathematics

2. 12 to 15 s.h. of general electives:  

This must be graduate coursework related to mathematics or teaching at the secondary or college levels and must be approved by the graduate committee.  Courses from mathematics, statistics, or the School of Education may be included. Possible courses that are currently offered on a regular basis and in an online format include 430G (Multivariate Calculus), 407G (Number Theory), 406G(Problem Solving and the History of Math.), Stat 471G (Statistics I), and Stat 474G (Regression Analysis). Courses such as Math 590 (Ind. Study) and Math 599/699 (special topics) would also work toward this general elective requirement.

3. 6 to 9 s.h. of “capstone” with the plan being: 

3 s.h of Math 504 (Research in Math. Education) and 3 to 6  s.h. of  Math 607 (Practicum in Math. Education), Math 607 would include an action research component connected to your classroom(s) Math 599  or 699 (Special Topics) and Math 596 (project) or Math 600 (Thesis) could be substituted as needed.

In general, students would complete 2 courses each summer and 1 course in each of the fall and spring semesters.  Students may begin to take courses in any term.

Dual Credit Certification :  Teachers seeking dual credit certification will need to complete 18 hours of content, and those courses depend on the type of certification (General Math, Statistics or Calculus) and the criteria of the hiring institution. Many mathematics courses are offered online and so you will be able to accumulate the content hours for dual credit certification; your graduate advisor will help you select which courses are best for your electives. Mathematics Graduate Catalog for Class titles and descriptions can be found here:




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