Department of Mathematics and Philosophy

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Option C - Data Science & Statistics


Data Science is one of the most attractive options that combines data analysis with mathematics. If you are seeking a career in computational mathematics or data science this option is for you!

Data Science is emerging as a new interdisciplinary field, exploiting both theory and experimentation in data analysis. It is now clearly recognized as a distinct intellectual and technological discipline lying at the intersection of applied mathematics, statistics, and computer science. Data Science is, in part, data management and computationally-intensive data analysis based on scientific computing methods. There has been a significant growth in the volume of scientific data from experiments and observations, large-scale simulations, and large networks of sensors. Incorporating vast amounts of data into scientific applications often relies on mathematics, computer science, and statistics techniques, which have become essential tools in computational and data sciences. 

Our Data Science and Statistics Option provides the mathematics and computer science foundation to professional development, as well as  training in Probability and Statistics, Modeling and Simulations, Numerical methods, Data Mining, predictive Analytics, Database Applications and Management, basics of Experimental Design.


Curriculum in option C is focused on the modern expectations of educational requirements for a data scientist. Sample Degree Program 

Learn More About Data Science

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