Department of Mathematics and Philosophy

Philosophy Minor Scholarships

A scholarship for Philosophy Minors is available for up to $250 each semester.  The deadline for applications is the third Monday of each semester. 


  • Declared Minor in Philosophy
  • GPA minimum of 3.5 overall or in philosophy courses completed at WIU.
  • Enrolled in a philosophy course in the semester that the scholarship is received.

The award money will typically be disbursed in late September/early October for the fall semester and late January/early February for the spring semester. The Mathematics and Philosophy Department has the discretion of deciding the amount of the scholarship and the number of scholarships to award each year. A new application is required each semester. The scholarship is subject to funding availability through the Philosophy Foundation.

Please complete the application here. Scholarship application form to be posted soon.

Contact Dr. Gordon Pettit for more details

Mary Olive Woods Scholarship for Philosophy Minors

There is a Mary Olive Woods Scholarship available for Philosophy minors. Click here for details.