Department of Mathematics and Philosophy

Mathematics Placement at WIU

Mathematics is a critical discipline that serves as a foundation for many majors and programs. Various concepts of mathematics are useful to an increasing number of disciplines in which quantifications and logical order are essential. All students must demonstrate math competency in order to graduate from Western Illinois University (see for details).

In order to be successful in math, it is very important to determine what course level is appropriate for each student. The math placement at WIU is determined by the math ACT or SAT score and the math courses passed with a grade of 'C' or better in high school (see How to Determine Placement). It is essential that this information is accurate, complete, and up to date, before coming to SOAR.

To this end, please make sure you provide the Admissions Office with the following:

  1. Your final high school transcript, if available.
  2. If a final transcript is not available, a high school transcript showing the 8 semester schedule (even if the grades for the final semester are not available); you will be required to update these records at SOAR check-in. You could also bring the final transcript in a sealed envelope at SOAR check-in.
  3. Your ACT/SAT scores from all attempts. Even though the admission is based on the  highest cumulative score, mathematics placement takes into account the highest math score.


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