School of Nursing

Admission to the Pre-Nursing Program

The Pre-nursing program is for students who need to meet general education requirements and nursing support course requirements in preparation for application to the pre-licensure program.

Prospective pre-nursing students MUST;

  1. Apply for and be granted regular admission to Western Illinois University and declare Pre-Nursing.
  2. Submit an additional application to the School of Nursing.  Applicants will be classified into one of the following categories.
    1. Accepted into the Pre-Nursing program and granted early admission into the Nursing major.
    2. Accepted into the Pre-Nursing program.
    3. Recommended to enroll in another major and complete the criteria for admission to the Nursing major.
  3. Meet the requirements of the current university.

There is no guarantee that students who are in the Pre-Nursing program will be admitted to the nursing major unless applicant has been granted early admission into the Nursing major and maintain an overall WIU GPA and Nursing support course GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) or higher.  Please note that admission to the nursing major is highly competitive.

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