School of Nursing

Online RN-BSN Completion Program

The Online RN-BSN Completion Program is designed for working nurses who have either an Associates degree or diploma in nursing and who are currently licensed to practice nursing. Prospective students should complete all general education and nursing support course work before starting nursing courses, however course work can be completed concurrently with nursing. Each student's course schedule is planned on a case by case basis.

Courses are presented online. Clinical practice/project is required for the community health course.

The minimum semester hour requirement for the baccalaureate degree is 125 s.h. for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing.


All students seeking the Bachelor of Science in Nursing must complete requirements 1-4 below and the foreign language/global issues requirement for major≠.

  1. University General Education curriculum- 45 s.h.
    1. CHEM 101, 102; NUTR 109; PHIL 120; PSY 100; SOC 100; STAT 171
  2. Core Courses- 17 s.h.
    1. NURS 302, 312, 316≠, 415, 461
  3. Emphasis of Study (RN-BSN Completion)
    1. NURS 300, 308, 405, 409† 13 s.h.
    2. Select two courses from NURS 430, 431, 432, 433 6 s.h.
    3. Transfer nursing courses from associate’s degree or diploma in nursing 29 s.h.
  4. Other Requirements 15 s.h.
    1. EDS 121; MICR 200; ZOOL 330, 331

≠The foreign language/global issues graduation requirement may be fulfilled by successfully completing NURS 316.

†NURS 408 and 409 fulfill the Writing Instruction in the Discipline (WID) graduation requirement for the RN-BSN Completion Program.