School of Nursing

Admission to the Online RN-BSN Completion Program

Acceptance into the Online RN-BSN Completion Program involves these steps;

  • Stage One: Admission to Western Illinois University
  • Stage Two: Formal Application to the Nursing Major Degree Program


Prospective nursing students must apply for and be granted regular admission to the University. Upon admission to the University, the applicant must make an appointment with the Nursing Advisor to make plans for completing the course requirements for general education and nursing support courses.  All general education courses and nursing support courses must be satisfactorily completed by date due.

Admission to the Nursing Major (RN-BSN Completion Emphasis)

Students who wish to apply for admission to the Nursing major as an RN-BSN Completion nursing student must:

  1. Have a completed application on file with the School of Nursing by the due date.
  2. Submit a current copy of the State License to practice nursing as a Registered Professional Nurse.
  3. Students must complete (or transfer in) all general education and support course requirements by the due date. There are 60 semester hours of general education and support courses.
  4. Maintain adequate academic progress and minimum g.p.a.
  5. Submit all official transcripts with the application for admission. Failure to submit all post-secondary transcripts will result in a denial of admission.
  6. Secure letters of reference from two professional references: one academic (i.e., instructor or professor) and one clinical (i.e., supervisor)..

This program is highly competitive. Meeting or exceeding the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

Nursing Support Courses

The following courses are listed as nursing support courses. These courses or their equivalents will be transferred in;

  • Zool 330: Human A&P I
  • Zool 331: Human A&P I
  • Chem 101: Gen Chemistry I
  • Chem 102:Gen Chemistry II
    • Chem 101 and Chem 102 requirements may be waived if the chemistry course the student completed (at least C+ [2.33]) was at the college level and included organic chemistry. The semester hour requirement is not waived; the student must complete the 125 semester hours required for the degree.
  • NUTR 109: Intro to Nutrition
  • EDS 121: Intro Life Span Dev
  • Micro 200: Intro Micro
  • Stat 171: Gen Element Stats

In addition, only one of these courses may be repeated if a grade of C+ (2.33) was not achieved. A student may repeat one course one time. Admission will be denied to any student who received a second grade of less than C+ (2.33). 5. Submit all official transcripts with the Application for Admission. Failure to submit all post-secondary transcripts will result in a denial of admission.

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