Philosophy & Religious Studies

NOTE: Courses for Philosophy are now listed in the new department, Mathematics and Philosophy.  Courses for Religious Studies are now listed in the new department, Liberal Arts and Sciences

Philosophy and Religious Studies

Philosophy is the study of the intellectual foundations of virtually every area of human thought and action. Over the centuries, philosophers have examined the nature and justification of moral values and scientific explanations, the relation of thought and action, the grounds for deciding among the alternative accounts of reality, and the nature of reasoning and argument. Such study will develop your abilities to read critically, write logically, analyze divergent viewpoints, and give good reasons for your opinions.  Why Study Philosophy?

Religious Studies is the academic examination of one of the most important phenomena of human culture. Its objective is to illuminate the diverse ways that religion confers meaning and value and to examine religion's power to transform lives and cultures. It investigates the ideas, practices, and styles of life basic to religion, as well as the role religion plays in human culture, society, history, and psychology. Religious Studies is a cross-cultural, interdisciplinary approach to the study of all aspects of various religions and does not advocate any particular religious ideas or beliefs. Instead it encourages an appreciation of the rich diversity of religious perspectives. Why Study Religious Studies?

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