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Philosophy, Pre-Law Option

The B.A. in Philosophy (pre-law option) provides undergraduates a course of study which emphasizes the development of skills in logical reasoning, argumentation, and linguistic analysis. Many of the courses use the Socratic method and are concerned with ethics, justice, law, principles of sound reasoning, understanding human nature and other topics relevant to the study of law. Reasoning by cases, hypothetical situations, and philosophical problem solving skills are fostered in all the courses. Ultimately, the philosophy pre-law option is designed to sharpen the ability to understand and respond effectively to opposing arguments, and to put one's point clearly and precisely whether orally or in writing

Why Major In Philosophy Pre-Law?

Philosophy students typically score highest on the LSAT. The philosophers at Western have developed a set of courses designed to get students ready for success in law school. We will provide you with personal attention during your undergraduate studies in philosophy in our courses, especially Philosophy 312. The faculty participate in student events like the Student Philosophical Association meeting, providing feedback and direct dialectial involvment. We will also help explain the process of applying to graduate or law school as well as how to be successful once you are there. Below you will see a list of the WIU philosophers and the classes required in the philosophy pre-law option. Major in philosophy today for success in law school later.

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Our Pre-Law Courses

See the undergraduate catalog for general education requirement. The Philosophy Option Classes Include:

  • Phil 140: Logic and Reasoning
  • Phil 300: Ancient Philosophy
  • Phil 310: Modern Philosophy
  • Phil 312: Philosophical Writing
  • Phil 205: Philosophy, Law, and Society
  • Phil 330: Moral Philosophy
  • Phil 400: Social and Political Philosophy
  • Phil 420: Philosophy of Law
  • Phil 440: Legal Reasoning

For more information about philosophy courses, view the catalog listing.

For more information about applying to law school, visit Law School Admission Counsil (LSAC) online.

WIU Philosophers

Don't be afraid to contact any of us for advice or information about philosophy or the pre-law option.