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Physics Colloquium on Friday Oct 9, 2009.

Oct 5, 2009

Physics Colloquium

Friday, October 9th 4:00 in Currens 205

Refreshments at 3:30 in Currens 210

Speaker: Dr. Jerry W. Forbes

Introduction to shock wave physics of condensed matter


An overview on the contribution of shock wave physics to understanding condensed matter behavior at high pressures will be presented. One-dimensional (1-D) strain conditions will be discussed including the conservation of mass, momentum, and energy for plane 1-D shocks. The generic P-V-T surface of a material is shown to illustrate the relative relationship between isotherms, isentropes, and shock Hugoniot adiabats. Use of a gas gun to obtain the 1-D strain conditions will be presented with a slide show of the gun operation. Two diagnostics will be briefly described for measuring pressure and mass particle motion with sub-microsecond temporal resolution.

About the speaker:

Dr. Jerry W. Forbes is a Senior Research Physicist at Energetics Technology, LaPlata, MD and a Visiting Professor in Mechanical Engineering Department at University of Maryland. Dr. Forbes' main research is in the study of material response to rapid energy disposition, in particular shock wave loading of inert and energetic materials.
Dr. Forbes is a former student of the Department of Physics, WIU.