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Summer 2011 Physics Course for High School Students at WIU !!

Jan 25, 2011

Dear High School Science Teacher, Administrator, or Guidance Counselor:

As we promised in an earlier email, we are now letting you know that the Western Illinois University Physics Department will definitely be offering a special section of university calculus-based physics with restricted enrollment targeting high school students between their junior and senior years of high school.

This exciting course will be a session of our Physics 197, University Physics I (Calculus-Based) this coming summer 2011 for the six week session from June 20 through July 29, and it will meet from 9 - noon each day from Monday through Thursday with both the usual lecture, homework discussion, and laboratory components.

Students interested in taking this course should have completed six semesters of high school work by this summer (that is, they should be at the end of their junior year of high school). They should also have completed at least two years of high school algebra (note that trigonometry is preferable, but not mandatory). Concepts of calculus needed in the course will be taught simultaneously. This course will be comparable to AP (not regular) high school physics. This course will be fast-paced and rigorous, but interesting and challenging as well for your best students.

All students desiring to take this course, must follow the admission process to WIU as outlined below from our earlier email. After gaining admission to WIU, students will need to send us their name and WIU ID# in order to have the Physics Department register them for the course as it requires special permission from the department to enter the course. The email address is ........ .........

Please publicize this among your students. Also, please let them know that if they start with this course this summer, they will have the opportunity during the following 2011-2012 school year to take the second and third semesters of our WIU calculus-based physics sequence (Physics 198 Fall 2011 and Physics 200 Spring 2012).


Dr. Mark S. Boley, Professor and Chair
Department of Physics at Western Illinois University
One University Circle Macomb IL 61455 USA
Phone: (309)298-1596 Fax: (309)298-2850 Email:


In order to take such a course, the students will need to complete a WIU application (with $25 fee online) and be accepted with regular freshman admission requirements, namely, an ACT score of 22 and a GPA of 3.00/4.00, supply their high school transcripts showing they will have completed six semesters of coursework by summer 2011, and provide a letter of support from their high school counselor or principal. The current approximate cost per credit hour is $240.65 tuition + $48.42 fees. This means a current total of approximately $1156.28 for a four-credit hour course.

1. Complete the WIU application and pay the $25 online fee.
2. Supply the high school transcript showing they will have completed six semesters of coursework and their ACT score.
3. Meet regular freshman admission requirements
4. Provide a letter of support from their high school principal or counselor
5. After admission, send an email with their WIU ID# and express their desire to register in Summer 2011 Physics 197 course for high school students to

In order for select students from high school in their junior year (having only completed four semesters of coursework) to attend they must:
1. Follow the above five items and
2. Be approved by WIU-CAGAS (Council on Admission, Graduation, and Academic Standards)

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