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PHYS 490 Student Seminar on Monday, April 18

Apr 11, 2011

PHYS490 Monday, April 18, 4:30-5:30 pm
Currens Hall 205
All physics faculty and students are invited.

Speaker: Eric Terpening (WIU Student)
Title: Particle Physics: The Standard Model and Beyond

In this seminar the current state of the Standard Model will be discussed. After this the Standard Model's strengths and weaknesses will be examined, as well as how we may expanded upon this to move beyond the Standard Model. The main subjects here being the possible reconciliation of gravity and the Standard Model by String Theory and whether we will ever discover a truly fundamental particle. In the remainder of the speech some of the more interesting issues in Modern Particle Physics will be discussed including; dark matter, dark energy, the critical density of the universe, and the cosmological constant.

Speaker: Daniel Olsen (WIU Student)
Title: The Casimir Effect

The Casimir Effect is a phenomena that takes place between objects that are very, very close together. These forces were first predicted by Henrik Casimir, a Dutch physicist, in 1948. For centuries this effect has been effectively neglected due to the size of inventions, until recently. With the emergence of nano-technologies, more specifically (MEMS) microelectronical mechanical systems, this effect and the forces that arise from it must be taken into consideration. I will discuss basic background to understanding the concept of the Casimir effect, as well as the implications it has on everyday life today and the potential for the future.

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