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PHYS 600 Seminar Announcement

Apr 28, 2011

*****Seminar Announcement*****

PHYS600 Wednesday, May 4, 4:00-4:50 pm
Currens Hall 205
All physics faculty and students are invited.

Speaker: Mahendra DC
Graduate Student, Physics Department, WIU

Title: "Mass Selective R2PI UV Spectroscopy"


Laser spectroscopy is used to investigate the structure of molecules. The structure of molecules is important to know about their physical and chemical properties. The resonance enhanced two photon ionization (R2PI) is a process of ionization in which a molecule absorbs two photons; the first photon excites molecule to the intermediate state and second photon ionizes the molecule. In my seminar, I will present the experimental set up to get frequency doubled tunable UV laser light, details about the high vacuum chamber, mass spectrometer, micro-channel plate detector, and fast digitizer used in this project. The frequency doubled UV laser light is used to get high resolution spectra of bio-molecules and clusters of bio-molecules. The time of flight mass spectrometer is used to separate different ions produced in resonance enhanced two photon ionization, and to measure the abundance, momentum and initial kinetic energy distribution of the ions.

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