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Physics Faculty Organized International Workshop on the Physics of Graphene

Apr 1, 2008

Dr. Igor Shovkovy from Western Illinois University was the lead organizer, together with Gorden Semenoff from the University of British Columbia, and Dmitri Kharzeev and Alexei Tsvelik from Brookhaven National Lab, of a 4-day International Interdisciplinary Workshop "Relativistic Dynamics of Graphene" (INT 08-37W), held at the National Institute for Nuclear Theory, Seattle, WA, January 8-11, 2008. The workshop focused on recent advances in studying the physics properties of graphene, theoretical methods and techniques in studying planar relativistic gauge theories at strong coupling, challenges and future. The workshop stimulated a mutually benefiting exchange of ideas between the condensed matter, nuclear and high-energy physics communities.

About 30 participants from the United States and five other countries took part in the workshop. The link to the official web page of the workshop is