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Bushnell-Prairie City High School Physics Class visits the Western Illinois University Physics Department

Mar 2, 2009

On Monday afternoon, March 2nd, the Bushnell-Prairie City High School Physics Class visited the Secondary Physics Instrumentation Laboratory (SPIL) in the Physics Department at Western Illinois University and the high-school students conducted a computer-assisted laboratory on measuring torque, rotational acceleration, and moment of inertia. The high school students were assisted in the laboratory exercise by faculty volunteer Jim Rabchuk, physics education major Matthew Wick, and physics graduate student Christopher Milby. Also on hand to provide assistance were interim physics chair, Mark S. Boley, and physics laboratory manager, Eldon Hare. The students and their teacher enjoyed visiting the WIU Physics Department and conducting an experiment for which they would not have had the equipment or the resources at their local high school.

The SPIL is staffed by Physics volunteers and is available for high school physics teachers and their classes on an as-needed basis throughout the Spring Semester 2009. If you are interested in bringing your high school physics class for a laboratory visit, please contact the Department of Physics at (309)298-1596 or email Dr. Mark S. Boley, the interim chair, at