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Minutes of the First Physics Club Meeting of Fall 2009

Sep 4, 2009

Here is the summery of the physics club meeting held on Thursday, Sept 3, 2009:

Officers selected:
Sean Crowe -- President
Joe Purkart -- Vice President
Brandon Selph -- Secretary
Brandon Emerson -- Treasurer
Matthew Sprengel -- Activities coordinator

All in favor? Say "aye"

Firm dates and activities
December 3rd, 6:30 PM, Demonstration show. Theme -- "Space travel", in honor of 40th anniversary of landing on Moon -- Movies for inspiration: Wall-E and Star Trek

September 18th, 4:00 PM, Softball match between Chemistry and Physics.

September 17th, 5:20 PM, Next Physics club meeting (note slightly later time to accommodate Sean Crowe's schedule.

Suggestions for activities:
Movie Night: Let's watch "The Time Machine". Dr. Kapale's advisor did some consulting work for this movie.

Myth Busters video and presentation -- First presentation on the 17th by ?

Golf outing: Matt is looking into it.

Ping Pong tournament: Matt is looking into it.

Wii tournament?

Tennis tournament?

Water Rocket competition?

That's what I have :-) Let me know if you have comments.

James Rabchuk
Professor of Physics
Western Illinois University
email:; tel: 309-298-2577