Department of Psychology

Alumni Testimonials

Emily Wilber, MS, C/CMH Graduate, 2010

“The C/CMH graduate program at WIU provided me with the knowledge to navigate a multitude of different types of field work, as well as invaluable practical experience that I have called upon many times to guide my decision making in difficult situations. The combination of the small class sizes, rigorous course work, and the available opportunity to have guided practice before graduation put me well above my peers from other programs in my job search. Additionally, the large amount of one-on-one instructional time allowed me to gain as much as possible from the experienced faculty. I think, often, that I am so fortunate to have been a part of such a wonderful program that has resulted in success in my endeavors.”

Blake Gilbert, MS, 2014 C/CMH Graduate, 2014

“The Clinical/Community Mental Health Master of Science program not only instills the values, ethics, skills, and knowledge necessary to excel in the mental health field, it also promotes self-knowledge and personal growth. This program teaches and encourages a person to think as an individual and not just follow the crowd. It gives one the opportunity to learn psychotherapy by doing psychotherapy with actual clients. This is but one of the many unique qualities that encompass this wonderful program.”