Department of Psychology

Degree Requirements

The Clinical/Community Mental Health program requires that students complete a minimum of 66 semester hours of course work to earn the Master of Science. Typically, students complete the program in three calendar years, including the internship. The curriculum includes 54 semester hours of courses on campus in the first two years, including a 4-semester practicum sequence. The program’s capstone experience is a minimum 9-month, full-time internship in an approved mental health treatment center. Although the program is primarily an applied terminal degree program, some graduates do go on to complete doctoral degrees at other institutions.

The following courses are required of all graduate students in the Clinical/Community Mental Health Option:

3 SH Psychology 523 – Social Bases of Behavior
3 SH Developmental Perspective (Guided Elective: Psy 422G or Psy 520)
3 SH Learned or acquired bases of behavior (Guided elective: Psy 442G; Psy 540; Psy 600 Seminar: Cognitive Processes or Psy 600 Seminar: Behavioral Analysis.)
3 SH Psychology 502 – Research Methods in Applied Settings
3 SH Psychology 570 – Systems of Psychotherapy
3 SH Psychology 571 – Group Processes and Group Psychotherapy
3 SH Psychology 572 – Clinical Classification and Decision Processes
3 SH Psychology 573 – Crisis Intervention and Community Mental Health
3 SH Psychology 574 -- Professional Issues in Clinical/Community Mental Health
1 SH Psychology 575 – Diversity Issues and Psychological Services 
3 SH Psychology 576 -- Family Therapy Theory and Practice
1 SH Psychology 577 – Pre-practicum
2 SH Psychology 582 – Clinical Assessment I: Cognitive Assessment
3 SH Psychology 583 – Clinical Assessment II: Personality Assessment
2 SH Psychology 587 – Practicum: Basic Interviewing Skills
2 SH Psychology 588 – Practicum: Interpersonal Processes in therapy
2 SH Psychology 589 – Practicum: Cognitive and Behavioral Processes in Therapy
3 SH Psychology 595 -- Career Assessment in Professional Psychology
3 SH Psychology 596 -- Approaches to Substance Abuse Diagnosis and Treatment
2 SH Psychology 600 – Seminar: Psychopharmacology for Community Mental Health
2 SH Psychology 602 – Professional Experience
12 SH Psychology 604 -- Internship (6 semester hours per semester for 9-12 month internship)
0 SH Psychology 605 – Comprehensive Examination in Clinical/Community Mental Health

These courses, except for Psychology 604, are taken over two calendar years (five academic semesters) with certain courses being offered on an every-other-year basis.