Department of Psychology

Financial Aid

Applicants are encouraged to apply for financial aid at the time of application for admission. The Department of Psychology offers Graduate Assistantships, which provide a tuition waiver and a monthly stipend for 13 hours per week of work. Other assistantship opportunities for graduate students in the C/CMH program exist across the university. Information on these other possibilities for financial assistance can be obtained from the School of Graduate Studies.


The Alphons J. Richert Scholarship in Psychology Clinical/Community Mental Health was established in his memory by his wife, Ruth.  Richert came to Western in the fall of 1972 as an Assistant Professor of Psychology; was promoted to Associate Professor in 1979 and to Professor in 1986. In addition to his teaching and research duties, Richert provided clinical services for student and community clients. He became Director of the Psychology Clinic and Coordinator of the Psychology Master's Program in Clinical Community Psychology in 1975. He became a licensed psychologist in the State of Illinois in 1979.

Students enrolled full time in the C/CMH program are eligible to apply for the Al Richert Scholarship. Typically, one to two students in the second year of the program have been awarded the scholarship. 

 Al Rich scholarship