Department of Psychology

Job Opportunities

The curriculum of the Clinical/Community Mental Health program is specifically tailored to prepare students to enter professional work in outpatient mental health settings, and graduates have had excellent success in obtaining jobs. Of all the graduates of the program since 1973, 91% obtained their first jobs as generalist therapists in treatment centers, while 8% have pursued doctoral studies.

Surveys of our graduates have revealed that approximately 93% of our graduates are employed full-time in clinical services settings appropriate to their training, assuming either direct service positions or administrative positions. Settings our graduates work in include: Community mental health centers; hospitals/medical practices; juvenile and adult correctional facilities; residential treatment facilities; two- and four-year colleges; group practices; independent practices; crisis/domestic violence treatment settings; and governmental social service agencies.

Employment Settings for Clinical/Community Mental Health Graduates (past 10 years)

  • Community Mental Health Center: 24%
  • Hospital/Medical Center: 14%
  • Correctional Facility: 14%
  • College/University: 13%
  • Residential Treatment Facility: 7%
  • Group Practice: 7%
  • Rape Crisis/Domestic Violence Treatment Center: 6%
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Facility: 3%
  • International Research Center: 3%
  • Other Non-profit Treatment Center: 3%
  • Other: 6%