Department of Psychology

Psychology Clinic

Founded in 1968, Western Illinois University’s Psychology Clinic has evolved with the growth of WIU’s Clinical/Community Mental Health graduate program so that today the mission of the Psychology Clinic is to provide professional training in the helping skills to students in the Clinical/Community Mental Health masters program and, within this context, to help individuals and families from the region improve the quality of their lives by assisting them in dealing with intrapersonal and interpersonal problems. The clinic serves community members from across west-central Illinois and southeastern Iowa. No fees are charged to clients for therapy services.

As well as being a valuable resource for the community, the Clinic is an integral part of the Psychology Department’s Clinical/Community Mental Health Master of Science program. From the time students enter the program until they leave campus to begin their internships, they are involved in Clinic training activities in ways commensurate with their level of training. First-year students sit in as participant-observers with clinical faculty members who are providing treatment to clients. Second-year students are afforded the opportunity to provide direct client services—including assessment, therapy, and case consultation with other agencies—while receiving intensive (in most cases hour-for-hour) supervision from clinical faculty members for these activities. Interns, graduates, field supervisors, employers and accrediting bodies have cited this unique and intensive clinical experience and supervision as a clear and impressive strength of the C/CMH program.