Department of Psychology

      Caroline Huff, M.S., 2022 

I chose the Western Illinois University Clinical/ Community Mental Health Graduate Program because of the on-site clinic and direct hands on experience with clients during the first semester. During my second year of the program, I have the opportunity to have a caseload of clients with direct supervision. The clinic allows me to obtain a wide variety of field experience and clinical knowledge throughout my entire education in the program. The faculty are extremely knowledgeable and truly believe in the success of their students. I enjoy the small class size environment, especially because this allows faculty to invest in us and mentor us. This program provides me with the opportunity to learn and acquire skills needed for this career field. Our cohort is quite diverse which brings different perspectives to help support each other with our strengths and weaknesses. I am so happy I chose the CCMH program at Western Illinois University.


Shahera Ranjha, Current Student, Class of 2020

Tara Valentine, M.S., 2021

I wasn’t sure at first if the Western was the right fit for me. I had reservations about the small cohort size. I took a leap of faith, and I can earnestly say it was the best academic decision I have ever made. The small cohort sizes turned out to be a substantial benefit. With fewer students, the faculty are able to devote significantly more support to us. Our classes are able to foster discussion and integration of material beyond mere lecturing, and the professors make time for additional guidance. I can tell you, they will bend over backwards to provide their students with the experiences and education they want. My experiences with the staff have empowered me, and they have worked with me to learn additional skills beyond our program requirements to help me grow as a clinician. One of the other aspects I love about this program is that we get hands-on experience every semester from the get-go. Where other programs may offer one practicum before letting you go for internship, we get a practicum every semester as we build our clinical skills. As a second year, I am now undertaking my very own small caseload of clients. This opportunity makes us very competitive choices for internship sites as few Masters programs offer this level of clinical practice. Our on-site clinic is also open to students and the community alike, so our clients come from a diverse range of ages, demographics, and concerns. I have never felt school pride before I came here, but I found a sincere home here in WIU’s Clinical/Community Mental Health program. I couldn’t imagine being as happy anywhere else. 

Colette Norris, Current Student, Class of 2020