Department of Psychology

Olivia Orwitz, M.S., 2018

I chose the Western Illinois Clinical Psych. program because of the direct hands on experience with clients. For me, being able to participate in the clinic by having clients is great field experience to have. I enjoy the small class sizes and the one on one attention from the faculty. The ability to study a vast array of subjects in the clinical psychology domain contributes to the amount of knowledge you gain in the program. The faculty is understanding, patient, knowledgeable, and most importantly they believe in the success of their students. Our cohort is very inviting and we are eager to learn about each others strengths in the program, as well as support any potential weaknesses. Western Illinois was the right choice for me and I will continue to consult with my cohort/staff throughout my professional career.


Shahera Ranjha, Current Student, Class of 2020

Haley Bestudik, M.S., 2018

After taking a couple years off, I was really nervous about returning to school. I didn’t know how I would fit in and if I would be able to keep up with the amount of work. Looking back, I am so happy I took that risk. The Clinical/ Community Mental Health Graduate Program at Western Illinois University has been the perfect fit for me. Having a small cohort is comforting. We have all grown so close which is beneficial when needing help or further explanation. Everyone is incredibly supportive of one another and is willing to help wherever necessary. This level of comfort, in the classroom, has provided me with the opportunity to grow intellectually and improve upon skills needed in this career field. I am confident that the skills I acquire from this program will leave me fully prepared to enter the workforce.


Colette Norris, Current Student, Class of 2020