Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology Colloquium Series

Each semester, the psychology department hosts two or three colloquia, or research talks, featuring guest speakers from both in- and outside of the department.  Guest speakers provide a formal presentation on their current research, addressing a wide array of topics such as sources of interpersonal violence, effects of environmental toxins on cognitive/mental functioning, and factors affecting adolescent development.  Colloquium talks typically happen on some Friday afternoons at 3:00pm.  Specific information about talks for the current semester may be obtained in the main Psychology office, Waggoner 100 (ph. 309-298-1593) or by email at

Psychology colloquia have been on pause during the ongoing COVID pandemic. However, we have recently reinstated these events.

 The first Psychology Colloquium of the academic year will be held on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14 2022, via Zoom. 

Zoom link:

Dr. Mitch Brown from the University of Arkansas will present his research on morality and mating decisions, entitled:

Do Moral People Make Good Mates? Virtue Signaling, Religion & Mating Decisions

Below are a few of Dr. Brown's recent publications he described & cited in the colloquium presentation: