Department of Psychology

Tiffany Bainter, Ph.D.  

Assistant Professor of Psychology 
Work: 309-298-1919




Additional Information


 Dr. Bainter earned her Ph.D. in Psychology from Northcentral University. She graduated from the Clinical/Community Mental Health program at Western Illinois University with an M.S. and received her B.S. from Western Illinois University in Psychology with a minor in Communications. Her dissertation was entitled “Binge Drinking as a Conformity Behavior:  Self-esteem, Social Acceptance and the Sociometer Theory”.  She is a licensed clinical professional counselor in the state of Illinois.


Dr. Bainter is the Clinical/Community Mental Health Graduate Program Coordinator.  Dr. Bainter teaches undergraduate courses, including PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology; PSY 250 Human Social Behavior; PSY 251 Personality and Adjustment; PSY 334 Perspectives in Substance Abuse. She also teaches graduate courses in the Clinical/Community Mental Health program, including PSY 570 Systems of Psychotherapy and PSY 587 Practicum: Humanistic Therapies. Dr. Bainter also provides supervision and direct therapy services through the WIU Psychology Clinic.


 Dr. Bainter’s research centers on an exploration of the impact of belongingness needs.  More specifically, her research explores possible relationships among factors such as self-esteem, social acceptance, conformity or personality traits and behavior in young adults.  Historically, her research interests have spanned varied social and clinical topics such as exploring how perceived social support and expressive writing impact mood and how the need to belong motivates behavior, as well as effective strategies in the treatment of eating disorders.