Department of Psychology

Tiffany Gorsuch Bainter, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor of Psychology 
Work: 309-298-1593



Additional Information


Dr. Bainter studied at Western Illinois University, majoring in psychology and minoring in communications. She received her M.S. at Western Illinois University in Psychology with an emphasis on Clinical/Community Mental Health. She received her Ph.D. from North Central University.


Dr. Gorsuch Bainter teaches undergraduate general education courses. She enjoys teaching Human Social Behavior (PSY 250) and First Year Experience courses in Introductory Psychology (PSY 100). She also teaches large sections of Introductory Psychology (PSY 100) and Personality and Adjustment (PSY 251).


Dr. Gorsuch Bainter's research interests have spanned varied social and clinical topics such as exploring how perceived social support and expressive writing impact mood and how the need to belong motivates behavior, as well as effective strategies in the treatment of eating disorders.