Department of Psychology

Western Illinois University Hotline

Hotline is a student run, paraprofessional phone support and intervention service. Hotline’s phone numbers are 309-298-3211 or 866-435-0480. Hotline takes calls from 7 pm to 1am daily while school is in session (i.e., when the residence halls are open) except summers. In preparation for taking phone calls, Hotline workers take a 2 semester hour training course in which they are taught a wide variety of counseling skills, including suicide intervention and prevention. Calls include relationship, family, and school problems, anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol problems, sexual assault and relationship violence, loneliness, etc. The Western Illinois University Hotline is one of the oldest crisis phone service in the state of Illinois, having provided continuous service since 1971.

To become a member of Hotline an individual must be a WIU student with a GPA of 2.5 or better. Students wishing to join Hotline must fill out an online application or a paper application (available in a folder on the Hotline office door, WG 123) and return it to the Hotline mailbox in WG 100. Applicants will be contacted and interviewed toward the end of each semester. Applicants who are accepted will be notified and then enroll in Psych. 490, the Hotline seminar. Approximately 15 applicants are accepted each semester. Once accepted the applicant is expected to work a weekly, 3 hour shift and 4 weekend shifts for two semesters.

In addition to the good feeling of helping people with problems, membership in Hotline is a resume builder, whether applying to graduate school or for a job. Students interested in becoming professional therapists are strongly encouraged to become a part of Hotline. If you have questions or would like to learn more about Hotline, please contact Dr. Kristy Keefe or go to