Department of Psychology

Mental Health Minor

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Faculty Advisor: Jonathan J Hammersley, Ph.D., for further information

This is a multidisciplinary minor that introduces students to various aspects of human functioning, with an emphasis on reducing discomfort and promoting personal adjustment. The mental health minor is intended for students interested in learning mental health interventions and social services or applying to graduate school in mental health-related fields.

Students learn about:

  • Current perspectives and research in areas pertinent to mental health, such as psychopathology, clinical psychology, diagnosis, adjustment, testing, health, and diversity.
  • Applied skills customized to working with various client populations and presenting problems.


The Mental Health Minor is also customizable and students can specialize according to interests or preparation for employment or graduate school.

For example, it includes the possibility of an internship component (Field Experience) and/or research experiences to broaden student skills!

Mental Health Minor Requirements -- 18 s.h.

Core Courses (9 s.h.)

  • PSY 251 (Personality and Adjustment)
  • PSY 380 (Clinical Psychology)
  • PSY 424 (Abnormal Psychology)

Directed Electives (9 s.h.) from the following psychology, sociology, health education, African American studies, social work courses:

  • PSY 243 (Mind, Brain, and Behavior)
  • PSY 334 (Perspectives on Substance Abuse)
  • PSY 336 (Ethics and Special Populations in Substance Abuse Treatment)
  • PSY 353 (Cultural Psychology)
  • PSY 355 (Psychology of Sexual Orientation)
  • PSY 427 (Health Psychology)
  • PSY 433 (Psychology of Gender)
  • PSY 434 Substance Abuse Treatment Approaches and Techniques (3 sh)
  • PSY 442 (Principles of Behavior Modification)
  • PSY 444 Biopsychology of Drugs and Addiction (3 sh)
  • PSY 451 (Personality)
  • PSY 454 (Psychological Tests and Measurements)
  • PSY 460 (Individual Research, mental health topic)
  • PSY 463 (Individual readings, mental health topic - 460 and 463 may account for 4 total s.h.)
  • PSY 487/490 (Hotline / Psychology Field Experience)
  • AAS 251 (Social Problems in Black America)
  • HE 441 (Mental Health)
  • HE/WS 321 (Women’s Health)
  • SOC 424 (Sociology of Mental Health)
  • SW 331 (Social Work and Addictions)
  • SW 338 (Social Work and Mental Health)