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Lori Lynne Myers Award

The Lori Lynne Myers Award is a monetary award given annually to a second year student in the School Psychology Program. The award is named after Lori Lynne Myers, a 1998 graduate of the Program, who died accidentally soon after graduating. Her family, peers, and friends established a fund in Lori’s memory. It was decided that recipients of the award should be those who best exemplify the things that Lori stood for: a strong commitment to the field of school psychology; the ability to balance academic achievement with other aspects of life; a sense of humor; and a sense of caring for one’s classmates. Lori was a special person and we are honored to be able to remember her in this way.

Each year late in the spring semester, first year students are informed of the Lori Myers Award and are encouraged to think about someone in their class who demonstrates the characteristics possessed by Lori. During spring semester individual disposition conferences, first year students are asked to nominate one or more classmates for the award. All first year students are also encouraged to apply for the award during the summer prior to their second year of the Program. Applications consist of a cover letter indicating why the individual feels that s/he qualifies for the award and a brief (one to two page) resume. A committee made up of school psychology faculty, the Psychology Department chair, and one of Lori’s classmates examine the applications and the peer nominations and make a determination. 

Past Winners

  • 2021 Madison Grady
  • 2020 Leah Arnold
  • 2019 Samantha Estrada
  • 2018 Kaitlyn Smith
  • 2017 Jodie Ruth Brubaker
  • 2016 Sharrice Aleshire
  • 2015 Haley Humes
  • 2014 Nicole Palumbo
  • 2013 Erin Triplett
  • 2012 Natalie Lister
  • 2011 Laura Gregory
  • 2010 Kim Barnum
  • 2009 Rachel Stahl
  • 2008 Laura Skarren
  • 2007 Mandi Clark
  • 2006 Mary Woollard
  • 2005 Michelle Beck
  • 2004 Kate Pietscher
  • 2003 Kelly Ward
  • 2002 Michael Johnson
  • 2001 Michelle Onik
  • 2000 Jera Paris
2021 Lori Lynn Myers Award Recipient
2021 Lori Lynn Myers Award Recipient 
Madison Grady

Past Recipients of the Lori Lynn Myers Award
Past recipients of the Lori Lynn Myers Award 
Natalie Lister (2012) and Erin Triplett (2013)