Department of Psychology

Student Reflections on WIU's School Psychology Program

Madeline Groenewold

Madeline Groenewold,
Class of 2024

 "I am excited to be a part of the school psychology program at Western Illinois University. I am a first year student in the program and I have gained so much knowledge already. I really enjoy the real world experience the program offers by being in a school setting every week. Being in this program has been a great experience so far, and I’m excited to continue my education at WIU!"

Ben Lilly 

Ben Lilly,
Class of 2023

     "Western Illinois University's Specialist in School Psychology program has allowed me to gain the experience necessary to prepare me for my future role as a school psychologist. The 1st and 2nd year practicum opportunities have been a highlight of my education, and they have served as an opportunity to apply the knowledge and discussions from class to real-world situations. The program fosters your professional development, and ensures that you will be successful when you start your internship in the 3rd year. "