Sociology & Anthropology

Gordon Chang

Gordon Chang

Ph.D., University of California, San Diego, 2008
Associate Professor of Sociology

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  • Soc 100 Introduction to Sociology
  • Soc 200 Contemporary Social Problems
  • Soc 320 Sociology of Organizations
  • Soc 333 Classical Sociological Theory
  • Soc 334 Contemporary Sociological Theory
  • Soc 519 Contemporary Sociological Theory
  • Soc 535 Qualitative Methods

Areas of Specialization

Theory, Qualitative Methods, Discourse Processes, Education, Politics, Inequality

Selected Publications/Presentations

  • Chang, Gordon C., Kerstin Lueck, and Hugh B. Mehan. 2013. “Evidencing International Threat: Examining Iraq Survey Group’s Post-Invasion Verification of Iraq’s WMD Threat.” Journal of Language and Politics 12(1): 29-58.
  • Hugh Mehan, Gordon C. Chang, Makeba Jones, and Season S. Mussey. 2012. In College's Front Door: Creating a College-Bound Culture of Learning in High Schools. Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers.
  • Chang, Gordon C. 2011. “Ethnomethodology.” Entry for Wiley-Blackwell Concise Encyclopedia of Sociology, edited by George Ritzer and J. Michael Ryan.
  • Mehan, Hugh B. and Gordon C. Chang. 2011. “‘Is It Wrong For Us to Want Good Things?’: The Origins of Gompers Charter Middle School.” Journal of Educational Change 12(1): 47-70.
  • Chang, Gordon C. and Hugh B. Mehan. 2008. “Why We Must Attack Iraq: Bush’s Reasoning Practices and Argumentation System.” Discourse and Society 19(4): 449-478.
  • Chang, Gordon C. and Hugh B. Mehan. 2006. “Discourse in a Religious Mode: The Bush Administration’s Discourse in the War on Terrorism and Its Challenges.” Pragmatics 16(1): 1-23.
    • [Translated into Czech and republished as “Diskurz vedený nábožensky: Bushova vláda o válce s terorismem a alternativní diskurzy.” Biograf: Journal of the Association for Biographical and Reflexive Sociology (40-41): 85-111 (Prague, Czech Republic).]
  • Chang, Gordon C. and J.R. Osborn. 2005. “Spectacular Colleges and Spectacular Rankings: The U.S. News Rankings of American “Best” Colleges.” Journal of Consumer Culture 5(3): 338-364.

Organizational Memberships/Affiliations

American Sociological Association; Consumer Studies Research Network

Dr. Chang joined the Department in 2010.