Sociology & Anthropology

Christina DavisChristina Davis

Ph.D., University of Michigan, 2011
Assistant Professor of Anthropology


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  • ANTH 110 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • ANTH 380 Language and Culture
  • ANTH 419: Anthropological Theory

Areas of Specialization

Linguistic Anthropology, South Asia, Social Inequality, Conflict, Education


  • Davis, Christina P. In Progress. "Making Sense of Medium: The Politics of Ethno-Religious and Class Difference in a Sri Lankan School. A Special Issue of the International Journal of the Sociology of Language."
  • Davis, Christina P. 2015. "Speaking Conflict: Ideological Barriers to Bilingual Policy Implementation in Civil War Sri Lanka." Anthropology & Education Quarterly 46 (2):95-112.
  • Davis, Christina P. 2014. "Voicing Conflict: Moral Evaluation and Responsibility in a Sri Lankan Muslim Family’s Conversations." Language & Communication 39:1-13.
  • Davis, Christina. 2013. "Locating Voicing: Multilingualism, Ethnic Conflict, and the Configuration of Difference among Sri Lankan Muslims." Tilberg Papers in Culture Studies. University of Tilburg. Paper # 62.
  • Davis, Christina P. 2012. “Is Jaffna Tamil the Best?” Producing “Legitimate” Language in a Multilingual Sri Lankan School. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology, Vol. 22, Issue 2, pp. 197-218.
  • Davis, Christina P., and Grant P. Upson. 2005. Spectatorship, Fandom, and Nationalism in the South Asian Diaspora: the ’03 Cricket World Cup. International Journal of the History of Sport. 21:3/4.
  • Davis, Christina P., and Grant P. Upson. 2005. Spectatorship, Fandom, and Nationalism in the South Asian Diaspora: The ’03 Cricket World Cup. In: Boria Majumdar and J.A. Mangam (eds.), Sport in South Asian Society Past and Present, with an Introduction by Dipesh Chakrabarty. London: Routledge. 


  • Workshop Co-Organizer. Architectures of Knowledge: Mumbai. Columbia University’s Group for Experimental Methods in the Humanities. Mumbai, India. 6/2016.
  • ‘Trilingual Sign Board Blunders: Ideologies of Language, Speakers, and Public Space in Post-Civil War Sri Lanka.’ Paper delivered, AAA Annual Meeting. Denver, CO,11/2015.
  • ‘Almost a Mother Tongue: Language Medium and Ethno-Religious Identity among Sri Lankan Muslims’ Paper delivered, The Annual Conference on South Asia. University of Wisconsin-Madison. Madison, WI, 10/2015.
  • ‘Local Pedagogy and Trans-local Institutions: Literacy and Learning in Contemporary Tamil Spaces.’ Discussant and Chair, AAA Annual Meeting. Washington, D.C., 12/2014.
  • ‘Mock Tamil: Trilingual Language Practices among Sri Lankan Youth.’ Paper delivered, The Annual Conference on South Asia. University of Wisconsin-Madison. Madison, WI, 10/2014.
  • ‘Between Policy and Practice: Ideological Barriers to a Trilingual Sri Lanka.’ Paper delivered, AAA Annual Meeting. Chicago, IL. 11/2013. 
  • ‘Locating Voicing: Multilingualism, Ethnic Conflict and the Configuration of Difference among Sri Lankan Muslims.’ Paper delivered, Language and Super-diversity: Explorations and Interrogations. Jyväskylä, Finland. 6/2013.
  • 'Producing Legitimate Language in a Sri Lankan School.’ Paper delivered, International Linguistics Association Annual Conference. CUNY’s Borough of Manhattan Community College, New York, NY. 4/2012.

Organizational Memberships/Affiliations

American Anthropological Association; Society for Linguistic Anthropology; Council on Anthropology and Education; American Institute for Sri Lankan Studies


Dr. Davis joined the department in 2012.