Sociology & Anthropology

Heather McIlvaine-Newsad

Ph.D., University of Florida, 2000
Professor of Anthropology

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  • ANTH 110 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • ANTH 249 Native North American Cultures
  • ANTH 305 Applied Anthropological Methods
  • ANTH/WS 315 Gender & Anthropology
  • ANTH/WS 395 Gender, Race & the Environment
  • ANTH 420 Cultural Feast: The Anthropology of Food
  • ANTH 425 Culture and Catastrophe: The Anthropology of Disaster

Dr. McIlvaine-Newsad also leads short-term study abroad courses to Germany, India and Puerto Rico

Areas of Specialization

Gender and the Environment, Disaster Research, Local Food Systems, Applied Methods, Germany, India, Ecuador, Dominican Republic

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • 2013   H. McIlvaine-Newsad and R. Porter “ How Does Your Garden Grow?  Environmental Justice Aspects of Community Gardens.”  Ecological Anthropology 16(1)  6-75.   
  • 2013   T. Sadler, H. McIlvaine-Newsad, and B. Knox (Eds).  “Local Food Networks and Activism in the Heartland.”  Common Ground Publishers.   
  • 2013   H. McIlvaine-Newsad and R. Porter “The Birth of the Macomb Community Gardens” in Local Food Networks and Activism in the Heartland.  Common Ground Publishers.   
  • 2013   C. Merrett, F. Iutzi, E. Orwig, S. Shike, and H. McIlvaine-Newsad “Trends in Local Food Production:  The Growing Importance and Impacts of Community Supported Agriculture in the United States.”  in Local Food Networks and Activism in the Heartland. Common Ground Publishers.  
  • 2012   H. McIlvaine-Newsad, C. D. Merrett, and P. McLaughlin “Direct from farm to table: Community-supported agriculture in Western Illinois” in Nutritional Anthropology: Biocultural Perspectives on Food and Nutrition, Second Edition, Oxford University Press.   
  • 2009   S. Martinelli-Fernandez, L. Baker-Sperry, and H. McIlvaine-Newsad, (Eds.). "Interdisciplinary Views on Abortion:  Essays from Philosophical, Sociological, Anthropological, Political, Health and Other Perspectives."  McFarland Press. .

Selected Grants, Awards, and Contracts

National Science Foundation (NSF)

  • “Collaborative Research:  Geospatial Modeling for Pro-Active Flood Mitigation in the Rural Midwest” Nicholas Pinter, Elizabeth Ellison (SIU), David Casagrande (Lehigh University), Heather McIlvaine-Newsad, and Dennis Knobloch.  ($295,291), October 1, 2012-September 1, 2015

Gulf & South Atlantic Fisheries Foundation, Inc. 

  • Social Impacts of the Allocation/Relocation of Marin Fisheries Resources on Communities in the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic:  Development of an Empirical Predictive Model.”  ($17,438).  August 1, 2010-July 1, 2013.

National Science Foundation (NSF)

  • REU Supplement for the project entitled, "Resiliency of Agricultural Communities After the 2008 Mississippi Floods." Heather McIlvaine-Newsad and David G. Casagrande. ($3,944),   January 15, 2009 - June 30, 2010 .

National Science Foundation (NSF)

  • "SGER: Resiliency of Agricultural Communities after the 2008 Mississippi Floods." Heather McIlvaine-Newsad and David G. Casagrande.   ($19,699),   January 15-December 15, 2009.                         

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Marine Fisheries

  • “Hackberry and Cameron, LA Recovery after Hurricane Rita”.  ($13,500), January, July-August 2008.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Marine Fisheries

  • “Hurricanes, Imports and the Expanding Deadzone:  Coastal Fishing Communities in 2007”.  ($12,500), July-October, 2007.

Western Illinois University

  • University Research Council grant with Dave Casagrande, Gordon Rands, and Barbara Ribbens. “Environmental Values and Ecological Sustainability Among Migrants from the Marshall Islands”. ($5,000) Fall, 2006.

Organizational Memberships/Affiliations

Society for Applied Anthropologist (Fellow), National Women’s Studies Association, International Farming Systems Association

Dr. McIlvaine-Newsad joined the Department in 2000.