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Nancy Schaefer

Nancy A. Schaefer

Ph.D., University of Aberdeen, 1999
Assistant Professor of Sociology

Contact Info


  • Soc 316 Collective Behavior
  • Soc 360 Gender and Society
  • Soc 462G Political Sociology
  • Soc 464G Sociology of Religion
  • Soc 470 Sociology of Popular Culture
  • A&S 495G Senior Capstone
  • LAS 502 Social Sciences
  • Rel 454G Contemporary Spiritual Movements

Areas of Specialization

sociology of religion, cultural sociology, popular culture, globalization/Americanization, race, class, gender, collective behavior


  • (2014, forthcoming) Schaefer, Nancy A. "Popular Religion" in A Companion to Popular Culture, Gary Burns, ed. (part of Blackwell's "Companions in Cultural Studies" series)
  • (2013) Schaefer, Nancy A. American Religion: Contemporary Trends (Marc Chaves) International Review of Modern Sociology, 39(2): 325-327.
  • (2013) Schaefer, Nancy A. Religion and Social Problems (Titus Hjelm, ed.) Journal of Contemporary Religion 28(3):526-528.
  • (2013) Schaefer, Nancy A. “‘Touching hearts, changing lives’: Christian music in American Evangelical culture” Presentation given at the Christian Congregational Music conference, August 3rd, at Ripon College Cuddeston, Oxford, UK.
  • (2013) Schaefer, Nancy A. “In Search of Lode” (Poetry Studies and Creative Poetry), Presentation at the Popular Culture Association conference, March 30th, at Washington, D.C.
  • (2012) Schaefer, Nancy A. “Oh, you didn’t think just the devil writes songs, do ya?’: Music in American Evangelical Culture Today” Popular Music & Society, 35:1, 53-70.
  • (2010) Schaefer, Nancy A. Exploring Religion and the Sacred in a Media Age, edited by Christopher Deacy & Elisabeth Arweck, Journal of Contemporary Religion, 25(2): 303-305.
  • (2009) Schaefer, Nancy A. "The Left Behind Series and Its Place within the American Evangelical Subculture" In End of Days: Popular Conceptions of the Apocalypse. Karolyn Kinane and Michael Ryan (eds.) Jefferson, NC and London: McFarland Press, pp. 287-308.
  • (2009) Schaefer, Nancy A. "Endism in Evangelical Pop Culture: The Left Behind films." Presentation at the British Sociological Association, Sociology of Religion Study Group Annual Conference, March 30-April 1, 2009 at Durham University, Durham, UK.
  • (2007) Schaefer, Nancy A. Implications of the Sacred in (Post)Modern Media, Johanna Sumiala-Seppänen, Knut Lundby and Raimo Salokangas (eds.) In Journal of Contemporary Religion, 22(2):256-258.
  • (2006) Schaefer, Nancy A. "Making a Joyful Noise: the forms and function of music in modern revivalism," In Elisabeth Arweck and Peter Collins (eds.) Reading Religion in Text and Context. Ashgate, 103-119.
  • (2004) Schaefer, Nancy A. "Y2K as an Endtime Sign: Apocalypticism in America at the fin-de-millennium." Journal of Popular Culture 38(1)82-105.
  • (2004) Schaefer, Nancy A. "Exporting a US Gospel of Health and Wealth," In Hans Krabbendam and Derek Rubin (eds.) Religion in America: European and American Perspectives, VU University Press, 275-289.
  • (2004) Schaefer, Nancy A. “American-led Revival Meetings as Ethnic Identity Arenas in Britain," In Simon Coleman and Peter Collins (eds.) Religion, Identity and Change: Perspectives on Global Transformations, Ashgate, 119-135.
  • (2002) Schaefer, Nancy A. "Morris Cerullo's Mission to London Revivals as 'glocal' (neo-)Pentecostal Movement Events." Culture and Religion 3(1): 105-123.
  • (2002) Schaefer, Nancy A. "The BBC and an American 'Faith Healer': the Making of a Folk Devil?" Journal of Contemporary Religion 17(1):39-59.
  • (2001) Schaefer, Nancy A. The Globalization of Pentecostalism: A Religion Made To Travel, Murray W. Dempster, Byron D. Klaus and Douglas Petersen (eds.), In Culture and Religion, 2(1): 141-143.
  • (2000) Schaefer, Nancy A. ‘“Making the Rulers Tremble’: Morris Cerullo World Evangelism's 1994 Mission to London Revival” In Marion Bowman (ed.) Healing and Religion, Middlesex: Hisarlik Press, pp. 23-34.
  • (2000) Schaefer, Nancy A. "An American Faith Healer in Britain: Another Moral Panic?" Journal of American and Comparative Cultures [now Journal of American Culture] 23(3):1-15.
  • (1999) Schaefer, Nancy A. ‘“Some Will See Miracles’: the Reception of Morris Cerullo World Evangelism in Britain” Journal of Contemporary Religion, 14(1): 111-126.

Organizational Memberships/Affiliations

British Sociological Association Sociology of Religion Study Group, Netherlands Association of American Studies, American Culture Association/Popular Culture Association

Dr. Schaefer joined the Department in 2008.