Sociology & Anthropology

Undergraduate Preparation

The best undergraduate preparation for a Master's degree in sociology is majoring in sociology and achieving good grades. The empirical referents for "good grades" are grades of A and B. Sociology grades of C do not indicate promise for graduate work, and grades of D are unacceptable. In particular, applicants should have attained grades of A or B in theory, statistics and methods.

Those not majoring in sociology should at least have taken introductory sociology and a few other sociology courses - and received good grades in them. A good grade in a statistics course, even if it is not sociological statistics, is advisable. Strong grades in most humanities courses will help prepare you for graduate study in sociology.

Serious undergraduate students should make an effort to distinguish themselves in their upper level classes, individual reading courses, or to their academic advisors. Through such effort, faculty will be able to advise you and write meaningful letters of recommendation to graduate schools.