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Sociology Student Profile - Leanne Zazzetti

Leanne Zazzetti

My name is Leanne Zazzetti and this is my second semester in the sociology program at Western Illinois University. I did not know what I wanted to major in, or what career I wanted to pursue. I went through every major possible; nursing, business, RPTA, etc. You name it, I looked into it.

Sociology was my last choice. I chose to look into the sociology major because a friend of mine attended WIU years ago and explained to me that she chose her favorite class, which was a sociology class, and began to pursue that as her major. I looked on the WIU homepage at the “What can I do with this major?” link and saw that there were many careers that I have always been interested in on the chart for sociology majors. I declared my major and began my classes the next semester.

The first class I was required to take was Sociology 200, contemporary social problems. Simply put, it was awesome. The small class size made it easy for my classmates and I to engage in conversation about the topic we were studying. The small class sizes in general in the sociology department are great. You really get involved with the class and it is easy to make a connection with your professor.

A tip for other sociology students would be do not be afraid to spread your wings and go with your gut feeling. Research is important within your sociology major, so do not be afraid to pick a topic you are passionate about and go with it. I have never been one to speak up in a class or to visit my professor at their office hours, but after finding my place in the sociology department, I would not think twice about it. It truly is a great program.

I still do not know what career I would like to pursue, but I know that I will have many great opportunities within this department to explore my options.