Sociology & Anthropology

Programs of Study- Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Sociology is the study of human societies, their structure, and the ways individuals and groups relate to one another. Sociological knowledge is vital to the understanding of contemporary issues and topics such as poverty, crime, delinquency, deviance, mental illness, urban growth and decay, marriage and family life, behavior in bureaucracies, and the organization and delivery of human services.


In addition to completion of the University General Education and College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Requirements, sociology majors are required to complete five core courses (SOC100, SOC323, SOC324, SOC333, and SOC334), 15 credit hours (five courses) of sociology electives, and a 3 credit hour Capstone Experience (SOC 433 or SOC 494).

These electives may include up to 6 s.h. of anthropology coursework.

A total of thirty-three semester hours are required for a sociology major. Please see the current Undergraduate Catalog for details, or check STARS for information about available courses.

What Our Students Say

“I chose sociology as an area of study because I find it very interesting to learn about society as a whole. Learning about different cultures and aspects of society will diversify my opinions and future profession.” Rick Lofgren

“Sociology provides new outlooks and various solutions to major social problems that we’re faced with today such as: inequality, operation and rejection of diversity.” Kelly Wilson