Sociology & Anthropology

Online BA in Sociology

Our online BA program offers flexibility for students on both of our WIU campuses as well as for fully online students to complete our program wherever they may be.
The online BA in Sociology program mirrors our on-campus program – offering the same courses taught by the same faculty with the same high-quality content.
All of our online courses are delivered by the same full-time faculty that teach these courses on the Macomb and QC campuses.

Our online B.A. in Sociology program is designed for

... returning students who want to finish their degree, but can't relocate or easily commute to one of our two WIU campuses.
... students with Associate degrees who want to continue toward a BA.
... full-time employees that need the flexibility provided by an online program.
... current WIU Students who want to take courses both on campus and online to accommodate work, family, and other schedule restrictions.
... active-duty military personnel looking to complete a program regardless of where they are stationed.
... high school graduates who want to study sociology.
... YOU! 



In addition to completion of the University General Education and College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Requirements, Sociology majors are required to complete seven core courses (SOC 100, ANTH 110, SOC 323, SOC 324, SOC 333, SOC 334, and SOC 415); plus 15 hours (five classes) of Sociology coursework (which may include up to 6 additional hours in Anthropology). A total of thirty-six semester hours are required for a major in Sociology. Sociology majors will also complete a minor in a related field.

Please see the current Undergraduate Catalog for details, or check STARS for information about available courses.