Undergraduate Catalog

Billing System

The student receivables system brings University charges and credits into one account. The Billing and Receivables Office will compile the latest information from University offices (i.e., Financial Aid, Registrar, and University Housing and Dining) and prepare the monthly billing statement. A finance charge of 1% per month on the unpaid balance from the prior month’s billing will be assessed. A student with an account balance will be denied registration and academic transcripts. Fall semester charges are due August 28, Spring semester charges are due January 28, and Summer charges are due June 28.

The University bills by semester, not by academic year. Actively enrolled students will receive their billing statement notification via WIU email. Notification will be sent to the student at his/her WIU e-mail address when each bill is ready to view on STARS. Students may establish additional e-mail addresses to which the notification may also be sent on STARS. The e-mail will include the account balance and the due date. Details must be viewed on STARS. Failure to view a bill will not excuse finance charge assessment or payment of the account. It is the student’s responsibility to correct and update his/her address and e-mail addresses on STARS.

Automated Payment Plan: The Automated Payment Plan provides students a structured option for budgeting educational expenses over several months. The monthly payments will be deducted from a bank account on the 5th of each enrollment month. The 1% finance charge listed in the basic restrictions is not assessed on the contract amount; however, there is a $2 per month transaction fee to cover processing. Additional charges incurred above the contract amount will be billed and subject to the 1% finance charge assessment if not paid by the due date. A completed agreement form on STARS is required to participate in this plan. Students and individuals with login information to Parent & Guest Access may complete the B/R Automated Payment Plan on STARS. Other payment options can be found on our web page at wiu.edu/billing.