Undergraduate Catalog

University Credit/Refund Policy

The following refund/credit policy is for regularly scheduled classes. Refund/credit periods for irregularly scheduled classes and independent study courses offered through the School of Global Education and Outreach vary. Please refer to wiu.edu/registrar for more detailed information.

Dropped Course

Students enrolled in any combination of sessions, either on-campus or off-campus, must drop from the desired class within that session’s 100 percent refund/credit period to avoid assessment of tuition and mandatory fee charges. Students will be assessed full tuition and fees in accordance with the University’s tuition and fee schedule for classes dropped after the 100 percent refund/credit period. The 100 percent refund/credit periods for regularly scheduled classes are as follows:

  • Fall and Spring semesters: on or before the 10th class day of the semester.
  • Summer session: on or before the 6th class day of the session.

Total University Withdrawal

Procedures: Any student making a TOTAL University withdrawal MUST withdraw within established refund/credit dates to avoid charges. Prior to the first day of the semester, a student may completely withdraw from the University through STARS. On or after the first day of the semester, in order to completely withdraw from the University, students who are classified as full-time students must contact the Student Development Office [(309) 298- 1884] to withdraw from the University.

A student may withdraw during the first ten weeks of a regular semester. After the first ten weeks, a student may not withdraw from the University unless there are exceptional and documented circumstances. Withdrawal may affect a student’s eligibility for current or future financial aid.

Fall and Spring Semesters: A student who has registered for regularly scheduled classes and officially and TOTALLY withdraws from Western Illinois University in accordance with established University procedures on or before the tenth class day of the semester shall receive credit for all tuition, mandatory fees, and pro-rated credit for room and meal plan charges.

Students who officially and TOTALLY withdraw after the tenth day of the semester shall be entitled to a refund/credit of tuition, mandatory fees, and room and meal plan charges as follows:

  • Remainder of Week 3: 80% refund
  • Week 4: 70% refund
  • Week 5 and Week 6: 60% refund
  • Week 7 and Week 8: 50% refund
  • Week 9: 40% refund
  • Week 10: 30% refund
  • After Week 10: 0% refund

Summer Session: The University designates shorter withdrawal credit periods for the Summer session and special courses and short courses scheduled during that term. Withdrawal credit periods are available on the Office of the Registrar website at wiu.edu/registrar.