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The 2012 Western Illinois University (WIU) Midwest Buck Test will be a confinement test administered by the WIU School of Agriculture in Macomb, Illinois. Bucks to be consigned to the test must be delivered to the facilities on June 29, 2012 (afternoon or evening) or Saturday, June 30, 2012 (daytime).

The 2012 test will evaluate and compare test bucks in a common environment for average daily gain (ADG), feed efficiency (FE), scrotal circumference, ribeye area (REA), fat layer, and hoof growth.

The test interval will be a total of 90d comprising 6d of adjustment followed by 84d of testing divided into approximately 21d quarters. During this period of time the bucks will be provided with free-choice, complete, pelleted feed rations; clean potable water; and free-choice salt (with trace minerals). The test animals will be subjected to handling only during data gathering at the completion of each test division.

The WIU test facility is equipped with a FIRE (Feed Intake Recording Equipment) system that allows continuous recording of individual buck feed intake. (This is the system that allows feed efficiency to be determined for each buck.)

Illinois Meat Goat Producers (IMGP) is providing incentive for participation in the 2012 WIU Midwest Buck Test and will host a sale on Saturday, October 13,  2012 at the completion of the post-test seminar. For more information go to or contact Derek Wetherell at

Participating Organizations

Illinois Meat Goat producers (IMGP)

If you are a participant and would like to be listed on this site, please email your information to Kathy Mayhugh at

Contact Information

Heath Geiman, Director
Office: Livestock Center
Phone: (309) 298-2613
Sale Phone: (316) 304-9227

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