School of Agriculture

Andy Clayton

Andrew Clayton, Research Technician

Knoblauch Hall 303
(309) 298-1172

Andrew Clayton is the Research Technician who co-manages the WIU/Allison Organic Research Farm. Andrew is in charge of organic certification and field work at the farm. Some of his field work duties include: planting, tillage, fertilizer application, weed control, and harvesting. He also works with equipment rentals, maintenance and repair. He is involved with marketing the organic crops that are harvested. Andrew collaborates with other researchers and farmers. On the research side he is involved with experimental plot design, research trial implementation and plot data collection. After collecting data he does data analysis, statistics, and report writing. He keeps an extensive database of organic farmers, researchers, companies and resources. Andrew is the co-coordinator of the annual organic field day and numerous farm tours that are provided throughout the year. He has also been actively engaged with farming in Schuyler County with Clayton Farms for over 30 years.