School of Computer Sciences

International Graduate Student Scholarship in the College of Business and Technology

This scholarship provides tuition assistance to international graduate students who are enrolled in the Master of Computer Science program at Western Illinois University. Students are encouraged to apply for the scholarship in conjunction with their application to graduate school. Recipients of this scholarship will be awarded $500 to be applied toward their University account in the first semester they attend Western.


  1. Students scoring in the 90th percentile both in GPA and on the GRE will receive first priority. If there are more students in this category than awards, further selection will be made based upon the letter of application and the diversity of the applicant.
  2. If there are unused awards, the selection committee will lower the GPA/ GRE thresholds until a sufficient number of awardees are found.
  3. Should a student receiving an award not be able to attend Western for the first semester they have applied, they may choose to postpone their award for up to two semesters.
  4. Must be a newly admitted international student.

Selection Process

The School’s Graduate Scholarship Award Committee will use the process detailed above to select highly qualified students for this scholarship. This is based on financial need, GPA, GRE score, a letter of application, and diversity.

Deadline for Application

The deadline will be the same as the application deadline for international students. Generally, this is the first of April for fall semester admission and the first of October for spring semester admission.

For application information, please contact:

Dr. Jeff Hancks, Director
School of Distance Learning International Studies and Outreach,
Center for International Studies
Horrabin Hall 6

Phone: (309) 298-1929