School of Computer Sciences


Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems

As new information and internet-based technologies are changing the structure and operations of organizations, developing the skills to provide the tools, manage the systems, and research new avenues of improvement and innovation become the key to the future. The Bachelor of Science in Information Systems degree program provides students with this cutting-edge knowledge.


In addition to WIU's general education requirements, Information Systems students take 77 hours of information systems curriculum, which includes major requirements, minor requirements, electives, etc. All information systems majors take courses in business, IT infrastructure, global social networks, JAVA programming, business systems analysis, enterprise database management, web IT systems, and project management and development.

Information Systems majors may also take advanced courses in business communication, global social networks, strategic systems, business intelligence, enterprise architecture, and web technologies management.

Students majoring in Information Systems must also minor in a business area.

GradTrac is available to Information Systems majors.

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