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Why major in economics at WIU?

We support our majors in a number of ways

Career Development Program

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Each year, the Department reviews the placement literature, consults with alumni and employers, and reviews changes in recruiting with Occupational Information and Placement. Based on these reviews, the Career Development Program is revised to reflect the most current information about the job market. Every semester, majors are invited to attend a Career Development meeting to discuss these changes and discuss preparing for the job market. At these meetings, information is distributed regarding tutorial services, seminars on time management and study skills, resume and cover letter preparation, and the skills an economics major should be acquiring as an undergraduate. These meetings are recommended for freshmen and sophomores as well as junior and seniors.

Support in Completing Your Degree

While you will have a professional advisor, it sometimes occurs that special circumstances require additional assistance. When this happens, you are urged to contact the Chair of the Department of Economics. Working with the faculty of the Department, it is almost always possible to find a solution. Only very rarely is it impossible to find an academically sound solution to a scheduling problem. One of the reasons for developing the Career Development Program is to assist you in anticipating your course needs and providing information on alternative ways to meet a given career objective.

Quality Instructional Support

Three professors of economics have been selected as the Western Illinois University Faculty Lecturer. Since there are over 400 faculty eligible for this award, it is clear that the Department of Economics represents a center of excellence at WIU. The faculty in the Department of Economics have regularly received Faculty Excellence Awards, Professional Advancement Increments, and Professional Achievement Awards, all of which require the demonstration of superior teaching.