Economics and Decision Sciences

William Polley

William Polley
Associate Professor of Economics

QC 207D Riverfront Hall 
(309) 762-9481

Personal Home Page

Ph.D. Economics, The University of Iowa, 1999, Commitment and Enforcement in International Trade Theory
M.A. Economics, The University of Iowa

B.A., Concordia College, Economics, Mathematics

Bill Polley received his Ph.D. in economics from The University of Iowa in 1999. His primary research interests are in macroeconomics and international economics. However, his interests are wide ranging as he has published a paper on monopoly pricing and has a paper on a famous problem in probability, the birthday problem. He teaches macroeconomics at the principles, intermediate, and graduate levels. Bill has a blog where he provides commentary, mainly on macroeconomic issues. His weblog has been quoted by the Wall Street Journal On-line, and he has also participated in their "Econoblog" on-line feature. Bill enjoys communicating economics to a wider audience both in person and through the mass media.

Upper Division and Graduate Course Responsibilities

Economics 315: Sports Economics
Economics 325: Money, Banking, and Credit
Economics 331: Intermediate Macroeconomics
Economics 428G: American Economic History
Economics 481G: Mathematical Economics
Economics 500: Macroeconomic Theory and Policy
Economics 502: Macroeconomic and Growth Theory
Decision Sciences 303: Applied Business Forecasting and Regression Analysis