Economics and Decision Sciences

Graduate Advisory Track System

In recognition of the diverse needs and interests of the economics graduate students, the Department of Economics Graduate Committee has developed several advisory tracks. The purpose of these tracks is to provide guidance based on the student's career goals. A student is not required to choose a track or to follow a track once it has been chosen. These tracks are purely advisory in nature. Other tracks may developed in consultation with the graduate adviser.

Advisory Tracks

Required Courses for MA in Economics

Ten courses (30 credit hours) are required to complete the degree. Of the 10 courses:

  1. 1. At least three (3) courses must be taken from economics core. Core courses may also be chosen as elective courses. The core courses are:
    1. Economics 500 (Macroeconomic Theory and Policy) or 502 (Macroeconomic and Growth Theory)
    2. Econ 503 (Applied Price Theory) or 504 (Price Theory)
    3. Econ 506 (Applied Economic Techniques) or Econ 507 (Econometrics).
      You must choose one course from each pair.
  2. A total of seven (7) courses must be taken in economics, including the core courses.
  3. Three (3) courses, with PRIOR permission of the graduate advisor, may be taken from areas outside economics. With PRIOR approval of the University Graduate Council, a fourth course may be taken from areas outside of economics.
  4. A maximum of three (3) courses may be taken at the 400G level.

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