Economics and Decision Sciences

Public Service/Government Track

Suggested Elective Courses in Economics

(Select 4 courses.)

  • ECON 432G Public Finance
  • ECON 460G Urban and Regional Analysis
  • ECON 507 Econometrics or ECON 513 Economic Theory and Forecasting
  • ECON 520 Public Policies Toward Business
  • ECON 535 Small Community Development

Suggested Cognate Areas

(Select up to 3 courses. A fourth

course may be taken by petition.)

  • GEOG 448G Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning
Operations Management:
  • OM 511 Operations Management
Political Science:
  • POLS 490G Bureaucracy and Public Policy
  • POLS 494G Public Budgeting Systems
  • POLS 546 Public Administration (Colloquium)
  • POLS 549 Public Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation
  • POLS 592 The politics of Civil Service