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Procedures for Earning Honors Credit in Non-Honors Sections

 On occasion, an honors student may wish to take a regular course for honors credit. The Department of Economics has established the following procedures for earning honors credit in a non-honors economics section.

  1. Within the first 10 days of class, go to the Honors Program Office in room 519 of the Library and pick up the form In-Course Honors Form.
  2. Complete your portion of the form and take it to the Chair of the Economics Department, Dr. Warren Jones. The procedures for selecting an in-course honors project will be discussed and Dr. Jones will sign the form. A time-table for completing the honors project will also be established at this time.
  3. When the student completes the special honors project for the class, it is submitted to Dr. Jones for evaluation.
  4. The student's course grade will be determined by the course instructor as indicated on the syllabus for the course. The honors designation is earned with the successful completion of the honors project.
  5. If Dr. Jones finds that the honors project is acceptable, he will indicate this to the instructor and forward a letter to the Honors Program that the honors designation has been earned.
  6. For honors credit, a score of 85 percent, or better, must be achieved on the honors project.


The following courses have been pre-approved by the Department of Economics as courses in which this option is available. Depending upon the specific topic, this option may be extended to other courses. Discuss this possibility with Dr. Jones.

  • Econ 231 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Econ 232 Principles of Microeconomics
  • Econ 325 Money and Banking
  • Econ 330 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
  • Econ 331 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
  • Econ 332 Managerial Economics
  • Econ 432 Public Finance