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Internships in Economics


This information applies to undergraduate, graduate, and international students.

  • Each year, the Department of Economics receives packets describing the State of Illinois Internship Programs that are available. Most are year-long but there are also summer internships. These are both Legislative Staff Internships and internships with various state offices and agencies. For each internship, there is an address where you can write for more information and application materials.
  • The most knowledgeable person on campus regarding internships and others types of cooperative education possibilities is Marty Kral. His office is in the Career Services, Room 116, Sherman Hall.
  • You should always check our bulletin board across the hall from the Department of Economics office (Stipes 442). We post anything we get there.
  • Sometimes, we receive direct contacts from internship sponsors. Usually, these are internships that have just suddenly become available. In these cases, we try to contact people who we think will fit and then post them on our bulletin board.
  • You can earn academic credit for internships. Summer internships are limited to three (3) hours of credit. For financial aid purposes, you can sign up for up to 12 hours per semester during the year. However, we only count 6 hours toward the economics major and then only if the internship is for the academic year.


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