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Department of Economics and Decision Sciences

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The Department of Economics at Western Illinois University offers two undergraduate degrees in economics. The Bachelor of Arts (BA) is offerered through the College of Arts and Sciences and the Bachelor of Business (BB) is offered through the College of Business and Technology. Economics faculty and courses are the same for both degrees. The main difference between the two degrees is whose basic requirements the students must complete. Students pursuing a BA in Economics must follow the requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences while those choosing a BB in Economics are required to complete the College of Business and Technology core requirements.

 We also offer the Master of Arts (MA) in Economics. The MA in Economics is a specialized program preparing students for various positions in business and government, or desiring to teach in two-year colleges, or intending to advance into doctoral studies in business, economics, and the law.

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The economics department hosts a number of specialized scholarship and fellowship recipients including Fulbright Scholars, Muskie Fellows and Peace Corps Fellows. Read more about these programs.