Engineering Technology

About Engineering Technology


  • Utilizes a balance of lectures and laboratory experiences
  • All laboratories have industrial-sized, modern equipment
  • Advanced computer laboratories are provided, and all labs are open only to students in engineering technology classes


  • Required internships provide course credit for actual work experience

Class size

  • Classes are small -- usually no larger than 24 students

Faculty members

  • Accessible and focus on teaching
  • All courses are taught by faculty, most of whom are tenure track; graduate students do not teach classes in the department

Student memberships are offered in:


Career Opportunities

Our classes prepare students to pursue a variety of careers, including:

Manufacturing Engineering Technology

  • Design engineering
  • Manufacturing management
  • Quality control management
  • Tool design / tool production planning

Graphic Communication

  • Desktop publishing
  • Graphic art/design
  • Web and interactive design

Construction Management

  • Computer design / drafting
  • Construction supervising
  • Contracting

Graduates of our program have been hired by companies such as:

  • AT&T Communications,
  • Capitol-EMI Records,
  • Caterpillar,
  • Eastman Kodak,
  • General Electric,
  • Illinois Department of Transportation,
  • John Deere,
  • and Kraft Food.